A Wise man does not talk when the other person is hearing but not listening. He also does not talk when the other person is talking, he just listens. The more you listen and lesser you talk, the wiser you become ~ Atul Jain

If Everyone Seem To Believe Your Dreams, You are Dreaming Too Small~ Atul Jain

You have the power to create magic when you Stay extremely Hungry and Somewhat Foolish​ ~ Atul Jain

Spend, not salary is what can make you really rich. Welcome To You20.0 could be your best 300 Rs investment in 2017

 ~ Atul Jain

If you have no desire to be great, You are abnormal.

If you have desire but not pursuing, you are normal.

Often, normal is boring ~ Atul Jain

If you are not facing rejections, you are not testing your limits.

If you are not testing your limits, How will you become LIMITLESS?

 ~ Atul Jain

Dreams come true when you empty your cup and follow what or who you believe till the end of the world. Eventually, a sussessful follower becomes a great leader.  ~ Atul Jain

Thrown out of a moving train, leg amputated and then she conquered Mount Everest. What's your excuse for not chasing your dreams?

 ~ Atul Jain

If You are always exceeding your own expectations, you may be living in Fool's Paradise. Just raise the expectations and see your magical self  ~ Atul Jain

Do You want to be simply awesone?

Find a small idea and pursue it seriousls

 ~ Atul Jain

You Don't remember your grand parents because they didn't leave a great legacy for you. They could have left had they not bowed down to opinions of others about their big dreams. You stil have a chance to be remembered 100 years from now. Dream Big, ignite, conquer and be deaf to other people's opinion and be LIMITLESS

 ~ Atul Jain